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Launch of the United Nations World Water Development Report Durban, South Africa, 22 March – What if we were to consider the vast quantities of domestic, agricultural and industrial wastewater discharged into the environment everyday as a valuable resource rather than costly problem? This is the paradigm shift advocated in the United Nations World Water…(Read More)

WASHINGTON — The National Academy of Sciences is pleased to announce a substantial gift from the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Foundation to endow a fund supporting studies and projects in biomedical science and its application to human health. “Advances in biomedical science are leading to innovative approaches in understanding, diagnosing, and treating disease,” said Raymond…(Read More)

With news this week of additional radioactive leaks from Fukushima nuclear power plants, the impact on the ocean of releases of radioactivity from the plants remains unclear. But a new study by U.S. and Japanese researchers analyzes the levels of radioactivity discharged from the facility in the first four months after the accident and…(Read More)

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