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A foundation’s grants aren’t the only way it helps solves social problems. As Hewlett Foundation President Paul Brest explains in an essay accompanying the Foundation’s newly-released 2010 Annual Report, a host of less remarked upon activities can make the grant go even further. In his essay, “Beyond the Grant Dollars,” Brest…(Read More)

The U.S. National Park Service, National Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Program will present the 6th annual National Underground Railroad Conference in St. Augustine, Florida, June 20-24, 2012.  This conference will explore how freedom seekers seized opportunities to escape slavery into Spanish Florida, the Caribbean Islands, Indian Territory, Texas, and Mexico and how…(Read More)

ACLS asked its fellows to describe their research: the knowledge it creates and how this knowledge benefits our understanding of the world. We are pleased to present this response from Jasmine Alinder, professor of history at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. As a historian of photography, my lines of inquiry begin and end with photographic…(Read More)

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