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In Tanzania’s remote Newala District, adolescent girls are met with unwanted sexual advances on their way to the neighbor’s house, to the water well, to the store. They feel forced to give in. Sometimes, they’re raped. Girls are even scared to go to school because, they say, some teachers “just want to…(Read More)

Every day an estimated 25,000 girls are married off against their will. Some are as young as eight years old. Others have just entered puberty. No matter their age, the moment the wedding ceremony ends, so do the girls’ dreams of becoming a teacher, a health worker, a lawyer. It’s a tragic scenario…(Read More)

ICRW launched our Passports to Progress discussion series to spark rich conversation about issues likely to shape women’s lives in the coming years. We kicked off the series on International Women’s Day, with a top-notch panel that included Rajiv Shah, USAID administrator, Cherie Blair, former British first lady and founder of the…(Read More)

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