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Freedom House supports the Global Online Freedom Act (GOFA) 2.0, which was introduced today in the U.S. Congress as H.R. 3605. The bill, which would hinder the ability of U.S. companies to sell surveillance and censorship technologies to repressive governments, is crucial to the promotion of global internet freedom. “U.S…(Read More)

The raid of Freedom House’s office and those of several other NGOs in Cairo by Egyptian security forces today constitutes an unprecedented assault on international civil society organizations and their local Egyptian partners. Freedom House strongly condemns the raid and calls for authorities to cease the unwarranted attacks and release confiscated property immediately. This…(Read More)

Newspaper headlines from Kenya and Tanzania over the past year tell the story: “Alarm as East African Pupils Learn to Remain Illiterate,” says one. “Kenya Suffers Quality of Education Setback,” adds another. “Shocking Report on Literacy Levels in Schools,” offers a third. Paradoxically, for Sara Ruto, East African regional manager of Uwezo, an education reform…(Read More)

The American Lung Association, a Hewlett Foundation grantee, brings a different perspective to the quest for clean air: the health of children. The Association recently launched its “Red Carriage” ad campaign to drive the point home. At an April 2011 Congressional hearing on creating Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for mercury and sulfur dioxide emissions…(Read More)

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