Association GOLOS Turns to the Judicial System to Address Extrajudicial Harassment


On Dec. 15, GOLOS (Russian for “voice”) pressed charges in connection with the extrajudicial harassment it experienced leading up to those elections.

In early December, GOLOS director Lilia Shibanova was detained at Sheremetyevo airport for 12 hours, and her laptop was seized by authorities without explanation. On the day of the elections, the GOLOS website and the GOLOS-supported site that allowed citizens to report electoral violations were attacked and left unavailable to users. Personal and organizational emails were hacked, and GOLOS correspondence was subsequently published by pro-government press agencies.

Grigory Melkonyants, GOLOS deputy director, filed the charges demanding that all of those responsible for ordering and carrying out these illegal acts should be duly prosecuted to show that these actions cannot be used against any law-abiding citizen or organization in the Russian Federation.  Read more

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