AESC Calls for Americans to Stand Up for Education, Science, and Culture in Wake of US Government Decision to Withdraw from UNESCO


Washington, DC: In an extraordinary meeting of its leadership on Thursday in response to the
Trump Administration’s decision to formally withdraw from UNESCO in 2018, Americans for
UNESCO is calling on Americans to get engaged and support education, science, and cultural
organizations at the local, national, and global levels. As part of this effort the organization has
launched a new initiative, the Alliance for Education, Science and Culture (AESC), and expanded its mission accordingly.

“Education, Science and Culture represent the best of our common heritage as Americans.” said
AESC president, Melinda Kimble. “We believed that each of these endeavors were vital for
human dignity and empowerment, the free exchange of ideas, and global peace when the US
called for the founding of UNESCO in 1945, and they are just as vital now. That’s why we are
calling on all Americans to join us in a campaign to show how much Education, Science, and
Culture matters today.”

AESC encourages all concerned individuals and organizations to actively take a stand–now–for
Education, Science and Culture at the local, national and global levels. You can find ways to
constructively respond to the Trump Administration’s decision at UNESCO.US, including:

●Answering the question: “ #ESCMatters because…” on your social media channels and in
●Cultivating and spreading education, science and culture in your own sphere of influence
●Joining AESC as an individual, corporation, or non-profit organization
●Organizing a local event or fundraiser in support of science, culture or education

“When ideas flow freely, the people flourish,” said Daniel Harbuck, Director of Social Good for
Google and a founding member of A-ESC’s Corporate Advisory Council, cautioning us all to
“never underestimate the influence of one individual on education, science or culture in the
digital age.”

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About Americans for UNESCO: Americans for UNESCO was founded in 1984 to support and
enhance US participation with UNESCO. The organization’s mission is to build the capacity of
education, science, culture and communication organizations to promote peace, human dignity
and the free flow of ideas and creativity in the U.S. and around the world.

About the Alliance for Education, Science and Culture: The Alliance for Education, Science and Culture (AESC) is a non-profit, broad-based coalition of U.S. civil society and private sector leaders. Its mission is to build up the capacity of U.S. education, science, and cultural organizations to promote peace, human dignity, and the free exchange of ideas
and knowledge.